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Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na Moment

Few days back, the movie Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na was coming on one of the TV channels. As I did not have anything really interesting on hand at the moment, watching the movie seemed a good idea.

I have an idea that most people in India, including me, have seen the movie at least once. Most people have a rough idea of  the story. I am not going to talk about it. Neither am I a critic to discuss the movie at length.

But somewhere in the movie occurs a scene that made me think, maybe even feel.

Now, if you have seen the movie, you may remember the scene where the character of the brother, played amazingly by Prateik Babbar, have a talk with his sister, the bubbly Genelia D'Souza, about her choice of a life partner. You may remember it, solely for the fact that it is like the Now-I-realize moment for Genelia's character. (As an aside-cum-confession, I don't remember clearly the names of the characters portrayed, but I think Genelia's was called Meow.)

But within the Now-I-reali…