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Summers of Lost & Found

Summer was never a season for me. It was everything but a season.

In my kiddish days, my parents were posted in a small town, away from the town where my grandparents stayed. How I missed them! So, every summer vacation we would cross a mighty river to come down to my grandparents' town.

The last day of class before summer vacation would be so painful, so full of expectation. There would be the tinge of sadness of not being able to see my friends for a complete month. At the same time, the happiness and anticipation of being with my grandparents for a month. 

Summer gently taught me that the very thing that gives us immense happiness can also sadden us at the very same moment. 

The high point of this summer pilgrimage to granny town was crossing the mighty Brahmaputra river. This dangerous sounding water trip was always exercised through a age haggard ferry.  Looking from the wooden seats of the ferry, the mighty river looked like a baby, gently crawling. Until that one summer trip, w…