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Grand Gestures etc.

The Grand Gestures are dead, mostly
In love, true.
But I was thinking of friendship. And Grand Gestures are dead here, too. No more Gilgamesh-Enkidu stuff. Nothing Jai-Veeru way.
It's a mundane age we live in. But we don't miss those Grand Gestures. Because we have never known any of them personally, has never indulged in one. Just saw them in movies and read about them in epics. We can do without them, mostly
A friend calls little late in the evening to share her little joy, talks awhile about why she's so delighted on this occasion, the specialness of her joy, a simple good night and the conversation is over.

But in that small conversation lives the true essence of friendship.
Because what else is friendship except the sharing of simple joys and the sorrows of life, and being a person trusted enough to share both; Smiling together in the other's joy, being there on his/her rainy days. 
Friendship is simplicity itself in essence. A friend is a person someone can turn to …

Quixote dies

Quixote dies. 

Quixote dies after he gives up on his dream of being a Knight Errant and saving the distressed of the world. (Quixote's sickbed dream of being a pastoral shepherd is just a make do for the dying Knight's original audacious dream.)

Quixote's death was not because people were ridiculing him, physically harming him, or generally discouraging him. May be it prompted his final decision of giving up.

But the giving up was his choice. And it cost him his life.