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Please Throw the Umbrella

Is it ever going to change?

They are always going to throw the umbrella / kick the oar which was with them - protecting against the rain / fighting against the flooding river - getting beaten, broken, torn themselves trying to save them, be by their side.

They are always going to do it for them.

And human are always going to throw it, kick it, trash it.

Not that the umbrella wants respect or the oar wants felicitation. But at least acknowledge what all they faced for you, yes for you alone? No.

Or may be keep them in a corner of your memories? None.

At least accept they happily embraced the torn and fallen state for you alone? Nada.

Instead of deriding a torn umbrella which was always, is always going to be over your head taking the beating from the rain. It’s its desire / habit / nature to protect you. You must not hate it, no? It’s their duty as well as nature. And most importantly, their sole wish is to wither away protecting you.

But that will be human nature always.

Not that the umbrella…