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Mine or World's

"Maana ke dosto ko Nahi dosti ka lihaaj.
Ye Kya baat ki ghair ka ehsaan lijiye."
[Agreed that friends (dear ones) no longer held the relationship as sacrosanct.
That's no excuse to sought favours of strangers.]At some point in time, some line, some couplet, some stanza of some song smacks you right in between the eyes.I had never sought favours of strangers. Whenever one has de-sanctified the uniqueness of a relationship, I have installed loneliness in its place.One day all the rooms of my building will be occupied by loneliness. That seems certain.But after all I have done for the loneliness, living for it every moment, giving away my nights to it every night, maybe bleed for it. Maybe by then I will own the right to the loneliness. And call it my loneliness. And not share it with the world.Yes, I wanted it to be in a relationship. But at least loneliness, my loneliness, just mine.I want to be an antique,archaic, trifle, or trash, whatever but in a home. I never would b…